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Gear 360 Action Director Mac Download BEST

I'm using the 2017 version so I don't know if this applies to you but you can stitch shots together from your phone. It limits resolution but I forget to what. You can then email or transfer them to yourself via something like dropbox. As far as editing goes, you should be able to pull those clips into action director. We use After Effects at work after the files are stitched together but we're spoiled like that. I hear good things about hitfilm as far as free editing software goes if action director isn't cutting it for you. So, if the 2016 version works like the 2017 one, maybe stitiching them on your phone is an option.

Gear 360 Action Director Mac Download

There are so many applications designed for photo editing and they work perfectly with photos and videos captured by Samsung 360-degree camera. After customization of your photographs you can easily post them on Facebook as well as YouTube by using 360-degree manager app or action director whereas Google Street View also works perfectly with this device. In order to share video content prefer to use Oculus Video app. 350c69d7ab


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