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Another key test was related to the validation of analog signal acquisition. A sinusoidal signal of 200 Hz and 200 mVpp was generated with an Agilent 33220a signal generator, then acquired with the entire pipeline of hardware ADC, firmware on the ARM microcontroller and recorded in a desktop computer with the public user API. The result is shown in the time domain in Figure 4a. In order to verify the spectral quality of the acquired signal and discard artifacts, such that those caused by jitter are in the sampling frequency (refer to Section 2.2), we also computed the power spectral density of the signal (using a Hanning window). The result, in Figure 4b, demonstrates an excellent performance, with a very clean peak at 200 Hz, an average of a 90-dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), with the theoretical prediction for an N-bit ADC and a sinusoidal input being 6.02N + 1.76 dB = 98.08 dB. 350c69d7ab


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