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Grand Street Racing Tour

The Grand American Road Racing Association was established in 1999 and was located in Daytona Beach, Florida, near the homes of NASCAR, International Speedway Corporation (ISC), and Daytona International Speedway. Although originated by some members of the NASCAR community, Grand-Am centers on different styles of racing including sports car racing and touring car racing on road racing circuits throughout North America.

Grand street racing tour

At the Grand Prix Festival of Watkins Glen, presented by Chemung Canal Trust, there is something for everyone! Parked along the main streets of the village you will find over 600 classic sports cars of all ages and marques for your enjoyment. In addition to live music, wine tasting, food courts, and assorted other family activities, a variety of vendors of racing items and related Merchandise are provided for your entertainment and pleasure.

Touring Classes (T1-T4, and Improved Touring)Touring classes typically refer to lightly modified production cars, or cars built for touring the public roads. In the SCCA Touring 1-4 still very much resemble street-going cars and sport full interiors. The only modifications which are allowed are the required safety features and some minor performance modifications to help with class equalization.

When it comes to the pit there are a lot of moving pieces behind the scenes of street racing. Besides the usual suspects of drivers, crew members, pit staffers, there are publicists running around setting up interviews, and mechanics working on cars.

Reilly also noted the timing of the NASCAR announcement is ironic, coming as the City Council prepares to vote Wednesday on an ordinance to crack down on illegal street racing, by empowering police to impound cars involved in such activities - whether the owner is there or not.

The mayor's political opponents also are criticizing the move. Referencing a recent street racing incident, mayoral candidate Paul Vallas tweeted "no need for Chicago's mayor to bring NASCAR to downtown Chicago. It's already here."

At a total cost of around $16 million, staffing is the biggest single expense for operators of street races with the budget for the marketing and organisation team alone coming to around $6.5 million. Next is rental of grandstands which costs around $14 million for structures with 80,000 seats. Securing a 3.2-mile street course with safety barriers and fencing costs in the region of $8 million which is also how much it costs to rent the pit buildings. Vehicle, office and utilities payments are around $6 million with a further $4.5 million of miscellaneous costs. Capping it all off is a payment of around $1 million for insurance.

Watkins Glen finally hit the international stage in 1948 when the village hosted the nation's first post-World War II road race. From there, Watkins Glen quickly become famous in the world of road racing, hosting races through the village streets of Watkins Glen through 1952, then moving up to what is now Watkins Glen International, also know... 076b4e4f54


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