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Does Ddj 1000 Come With Rekordbox 'LINK'

Does DDJ-1000 Come with Rekordbox?

If you are looking for a DJ controller that is compatible with Rekordbox, you might be interested in the DDJ-1000. This is a 4-channel performance DJ controller that is designed for Rekordbox DJ, the professional performance application from Pioneer DJ. But does the DDJ-1000 come with Rekordbox? And what are the features and benefits of this controller? Let's find out.

DDJ-1000 and Rekordbox DJ

The answer is yes, the DDJ-1000 comes with a bundled licence key for Rekordbox DJ, worth $129 . This means that you can download and install the software on your computer and use it with the controller without any additional cost. Rekordbox DJ is a powerful and versatile software that allows you to mix tracks from your library, stream music from various sources, use effects, loops, cues, and more. You can also use Rekordbox DJ with other compatible devices, such as CDJs, turntables, or samplers.

does ddj 1000 come with rekordbox

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DDJ-1000 Features and Benefits

The DDJ-1000 is a portable and compact controller that has a club-style layout inherited from the flagship NXS2 models . It has full-sized jog wheels with customizable color LCD screens that display important track information, such as BPM, waveform, playback position, and hot cues . The jog wheels are also optimized for a perfect scratch response and you can adjust their resistance to your preference .

The controller also has 16 back-lit rubber performance pads that let you trigger various features, such as hot cues, pad FX, beat jump, sampler, keyboard mode, beat loop, and key shift . Keyboard mode enables you to play a hot cue in different semitones, creating musical phrases as if you were playing on a synthesizer or other instrument . Key shift allows you to automatically change the key of your next track to match the master deck and mix any combination of tracks in harmony .

The DDJ-1000 also has a 4-channel mixer with 4 sound color FX (pitch, filter, dub echo, and noise) and 14 beat FX (including 4 new ones: enigma jet, mobius saw, mobius triangle, and low cut echo) . You can add texture and creativity to your mixes with these effects and control them easily with the dedicated hardware knobs. The mixer also has 4 inputs for connecting external devices, such as CDJs or turntables, and use the controller as a stand-alone mixer . You can also connect directly to professional PA equipment thanks to a booth, 2 master, and 2 mic inputs .


The DDJ-1000 is a great choice for DJs who want to use Rekordbox DJ software and enjoy a club-style interface with professional features. The controller comes with a licence key for Rekordbox DJ, so you don't have to worry about extra costs. The controller is also portable and easy to set up, making it ideal for performing at parties and events. If you are interested in buying the DDJ-1000, you can find it at various online retailers or at your local Pioneer DJ dealer. 06063cd7f5


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