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Bruce Springsteen Collection 2013 Torrent !!HOT!!

With the help of my friends and Bruce fans I don't know in person (yet?;-) I was able to create a MASTERPIECE video. THE perfect concert film. Breathtaking from start to finish.I am so proud and so thankful to everybody making this video possible!Everything comes together on this fantastic video. It captures the spirit, the energy and the feeling of being at the show like on hardly any film you've seen before.So I now present you the undoubtly new number 1 in audience video bootlegs. In my opinion it does not only rival the official releases but...well...I let you do the voting ;-)A little background:Last year when I started editing some of the European shows I clearly thought Frankfurt became the best audience video by any band but loftarasa showed me the U2 Anaheim 2011 video by U2rulesmyworld (I somehow missed that one) and this one really was the best there is. What a fantastic video! Frankfurt only came close in certain spots. Seeing this beautiful produced U2 video I wished to one day have a similar video from my number 1 musician...How cool would that be?So then there were the Paris 2012 shows. From the now over 80 Bruce shows I have seen I rate these as some of the best shows I have ever seen. Paris night 2 still being my favourite. We filmed quite a lot at those shows but not the complete shows. Over the next couple of months I received more and more videos for my multicam and more and more great audio sources popped up so I was able to recreate those magnificent shows on video in the spectacular quality as you know it.My goal was achieved having something as cool as U2's Anaheim video for a full show from Bruce, oh already counting two now! ;-)Regarding that the U2 Anaheim show was a well organized shoot (each filmer filmed a different band member/angle) those Paris videos hold up very well ;-) But now comes Wembley...On this year's shows I tried to organise the shoots but it was nearly impossible to do so. In a big stadium where you want to have different viewing angles on your multicam you stand so far apart not knowing if the others succeed and have a good spot so this is not a multicam in the way of "you film this, I film that". It's more like "film whatever you can". Usually I stand close to 1-2 of my friends so we see each other and see who films what.In wembley there was only Lars nearby and he only filmed when I had to change batteries (you gotta fully enjoy a show for once!) so I was filming not knowing what/if others were filming. This makes a huge difference already for my own shoot...So I didn't know for weeks later what insane quality multicam this will become in the end. My shoot alone was great but with all the other footage mixed in this one is out of this bootleg world!!In the last months I received footage not only from my friends but from other fans from many places in the world via Dropbox, wetransfer, DVDs/blu-rays/USB sticks via mail (yes, there is still such a thing!)...for weeks I put videos and more videos in the timeline of this huge project.Since all my friends who film bought the same camera as me and many other filmers I don't know in person but asked me for advice or saw my recommendation and followed my advice as well the video quality on this show is simply spectacular.Some other filmers didn't use too shabby cameras either ;-) There are only a few shots from lesser quality sources on this video. As for the viewing angles we have the perfect mix of footage from the pit, from the seats and screenshot footage.The editing brought my hardware down to it's knees. I already spent a fortune on hardware and software but is it possible at all to real-time multicam edit a show with 12 cameras at certain songs on a HOME PC? I don't know...I just know that my electricity bill in the last year went up by 75 percent!So the editing process goes like this: Selecting an approx. 45 second range and pre-render it to the RAM. So those 45 seconds will play smooth. Pre-rendering those 45 second segments takes I wait and already spot some of the footage that is now shown in slowmotion. This already gives me an idea of which angle to select. But you never know because we are talking about audience recorded footage which could look just fine at one moment and one second later...bummer. So chosing an angle that fits the music and does not get out of focus by obstructions, shakiness, etc. sometimes takes many many approaches.The editing took weeks. Paris was nothing compared to this. I finetuned each and every cut (color correction, stabilizing, cropping, etc.). My girlfriend now hates me (just kidding) and I know that I have to step down a little but the last weeks I was so into editing and it brought so much fun and I sat here with a huge grin on my face when I saw all the footage there is and how it fits the multicam so I spent each free minute with editing.The end result is 3 hours and 16 minutes of incredible footage like you have never seen before on any audience recorded video. Each and every moment of the show is captured in its beauty. And finally "Bernie" is on one of my videos, too! You all know him: The man who sings and dances and kisses and hugs all show long...what a lovely enthusiastic guy! I met him after the Leeds show when I left the after-show party. I hope you see this video Bernie. You propably can't sit still while watching so I give you a hint: Prove it all night. I am sure you will enjoy it ;-)About the audio...well, after a lot of work on this one I am satisfied (hey, it's a bootleg!). It is a matrix of the Crystal Cat release (which I couldn't listen to for more than a couple of minutes without getting really annoyed of the "brightness" and it made me tired) and another uncirculating audio recording. (The youtube full song samples do not represent the final mix. The new preview does.)So, Wembley is done and easily takes the first place in the Bruce-full-show-audience-bootleg-top-5 which is as of today: 1. Wembley, 2. Paris 5th July 2012, 3. Paris 4th July 2012, 4. Copenhagen 14th May 2013, 5. Frankfurt 25th May 2012. (Some fans rate Paris night 1 even higher than Paris night 2 but most prefer night 2 and Copenhagen has a slight lead to Frankfurt so this is the top-5-list from all votes I gathered and it is my personal view, too)Let's see how long Wembley can keep it's number 1 spot. Working on Hannover (which was more of an organised shoot ;-) next I guess and then we'll see where it will find it's place ;-)Wembley previews (all previews not yet fine tuned and not with the final audio mix and I added two other shots - short but nice!- on Land of hope and dreams): (Land of hope and dreams which is the only "rough" video of this show, after this song the quality and steadiness improves A LOT) (Rosalita)Technical aspect:NTSC 720x480 Widescreen video rendered @ CBR 7mit, lossless audio.Filmed by:DVDDUBBINGGUYLars aka Papa BärMaster8ukcdparky1loftarasaSpikeVinceSwissMagicBrunoWinschAnjaPerGeofflacabezonadeap7Mike - "The flying Greek"micky2002N.B.Andrea Sartorati(sorry if I forgot to mention anyone)Artwork included the torrent.Setlist:DVD1 (included in this torrent)01 Land of hope and dreams02 Jackson Cage03 Radio nowhere04 Save my love05 Rosalita (come out tonight)06 This hard land07 Lost in the flood08 Wrecking ball09 Death to my hometown10 Hungry heart11 Badlands12 Adam raised a Cain13 Something in the night14 Candy's room15 Racing in the street16 The promised land17 Factory18 Streets of fire19 Prove it all night20 Darkness on the edge of townDVD2 (next weekend propably)21 Shackled and drawn22 Waitin' on a sunny day23 The rising24 Light of day* * *25 Pay me my money down26 Born to run27 Bobby Jean28 Dancing in the dark29 Tenth Avenue freeze-out30 Twist and shout31 Thunder road (solo acoustic)I rendered the whole show at 7 mbit cbr to make the Darkness album fit completely on one disc. Disc 2 will be a DVD5 disc. If there is demand for bonus footage on disc 2 like on the blu-ray (My lucky day from HRC, Jole Blon+Rosie+Tougher+Shout+Thunder road from Glagow, all multicam mixed except Thunder road, all with dubbed audio) then I include those videos as well on the DVD version. A double layer disc will be required then for disc 2.As per usual burn the image file with your favourite burning software. The .mds file already contains info on the best layer break possible so better select that one when burning.ENJOY

Bruce Springsteen Collection 2013 Torrent

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SPRINGSTEEN SET TO RELEASE LIVE PERFORMANCES VIA FILE SHARING"Bit by bit," says Landau, Bruce will release more complete showsBootleggers, open your BitTorrent clients! Bruce Springsteen has given Columbia Records the green light to release live concerts using file sharing technology, and will use his own website,, to seed the inaugural performance. "No one knows what it will be just yet," said manager Jon Landau. "But his own live tapes are about the only thing Bruce listens to, and we have an enormous cache of both two-track and 24-track shows from every tour. Remember the Nebraska tape he carried around? Now the music is stored on a memory stick. How far we've come in our ongoing conversation." 350c69d7ab


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